Tie Down Shelving

Tie Down Shelving is for the transport and use of delicate instruments in mobile settings, such as ships, vans, trailers, aircraft, and containers.  AGM's Tie Down Shelving meets Navy MIL-S-901D medium and lightweight shock tests for shipboard use.  Padded aluminum shelving has recessed channels which accept adjustable KevLok Tie Down Straps with quick attach/release end fittings.  The Load Rating, as it relates to the shock specification IAW MIL-S-901D, is approximately 40 lbs. per square foot.
  Computer Workstation  

AGM manufactures two types of Tie Down Shelving:

  • Standard Tie Down Shelving
  • Quick-Adjust Tie Down Shelving

Standard Tie Down Shelving consists of two or more six-inch wide aluminum extrusions in lengths up to eight feet, that are covered with rugged vinyl padding and mounted on brackets cantilevered and bolted to bulkheads.  Each extrusion contains a recessed track into which the end fitting of a tie down strap is inserted.

The following optional accessories are available for Standard Tie Down Shelving:

  • Writing Surfaces
  • Pull-Out Keyboard Trays
  • File Trays
  • Bookends
  • Corner Units

Quick-Adjust Tie Down Shelving is the same as Standard Tie Down Shelving, except for the method of mounting to the bulkhead.  It mounts to the bulkhead by means of the Quick-Adjust Shelving Bracket and previously installed ISO track (also called slot and hole tracks).  Quick-Adjust Tie Down Shelving does not require tools to readjust shelving height.

  Typical computer workstation onboard the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN76).

This standard tie down shelving shows the writing surface with two pull-out keyboard trays, file trays and bookends.

Weight Calculations

Weight calculations for shelving
Weight of padded, aluminum shelf = L" x W" x .028 lbs.
Short brace and bracket = 1.04 lbs.
Long brace = 1.25 to 2.00 lbs.

CT1109 strap assembly = 0.52 lbs. each

Writing Surfaces*
18" x 72" with 2 trays = 64 lbs.
13" x 72" with 2 trays = 60 lbs.
18" x 36" with 1 tray = 33 lbs.
13" x 36" with 1 tray = 31 lbs.

*Examples of weight, listed above, are of writing surfaces and trays only and do not include the weight of the shelves or mounting braces and brackets.