Container Access Ports

Feed Through or Access to Documents, Desiccants, and Contents

AGM access ports provide access to desiccant, data, accessory storage areas or for diagnostic testing of contents in containers.

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What are access ports?

Document and desiccant ports also referred to as access ports, provide access to documentation or access to desiccant for replacement without needing to open the sealed container. The ability to easily access these ports reduces the potential for damage to equipment by reducing the exposure to any elements.

Access Port Sizing & Specifications

We provide three different sizes of access ports:

While it is possible to make ports of other diameters, it is usually cost prohibitive unless production volumes are significant. Our access ports also come with provisions for safety wiring including a seal on the cover.

If you’re looking for a custom access port, please contact our Engineering Department with any special requests you might have.

Benefits Of Document & Desiccant Access Ports

Some benefits of using document or desiccant access ports include:

  • Quicker inspections
  • Better security with seals for quick visual identification
  • Provide easier access to storage areas and containers
  • Waterproof and easy to install
  • Ability to include a humidity indicator

Get in touch with our team of engineers for more information about our different access ports.

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Industry Applications

Some common industry applications for our access ports include:

  • Allowing access to the contents of a sealed container for inspection or data analysis.
  • Providing access for cabling and data analysis.
  • Providing access to desiccant within a container (e.g. access to a desiccant “shelf”), regardless of whether or not a desiccant basket is used. desiccant basket.

If you’re unsure whether or not our access ports would be the right solution for your project, get in touch with our engineering team.

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Custom Engineering Service

No two jobs are the same, why should your solution be? Work with AGM Engineering to get a solution specific to your challenge today.


Our access ports are designed with ease of installation in mind. To mount the access port on your container, simply cut an appropriate-sized hole in your container wall, insert the port, and secure it with the provided nut and washer.

Yes, all of our access ports provide a removable cover that seals, as well as gaskets to seal the port housing to the exterior surface of the container it is installed on.

Yes, all of our access ports have provisions for safety wiring.

Yes, there are other finishes available. The standard cover is made from stainless steel and passivated. The housings on the TA475-PORT and TA495 are conversion coated while housing on the TA595 is hard, black anodize. However, virtually any other finish, including paint, is available upon request.

If you’re looking for a different finish, contact us today.

Yes, the TA475-PORT and TA495 access ports are rated to 5 psid while the TA595 is rated to 2.5 psid.

The covers of all three size access ports are provided with lanyards so they can hang free while the port is in use without the fear of misplacing, dropping, or otherwise losing the cover.

Yes, replacement covers are for sale for all of our access ports, desiccant baskets, and records holders.

The replacement cover is easily replaced in minutes using common hand tools. To request a replacement, contact us and specify the part number of the item you are requesting a replacement cover for as we make many custom items with unique part numbers.

Yes, we make custom access ports for a variety of different applications. Many of our customers work with us to develop custom applications using our access ports.

These features include: extra long cover lanyard, special finishes, special gasketing, stainless steel housing and mounting nut, rfi protection, and extended wall thickness housing.

Yes, all three sizes of access ports are available with a cover that will accept a valve or humidity indicator.

Existing port installations can be modified to accept a valve or humidity indicator by installing a replacement cover with the appropriate mounting hole, or by cutting the appropriately sized hole in the cover (4″-port and 5″-port only).

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It’s a lot, we know. If you’re looking for something specific or aren’t sure what you need, try searching through all products or give us a shout and we’ll help!