Custom Breather Valves

Breather Valves Custom Made for Your Project

Each project is different. Some things go up, some come down, while others do both really, really fast! To top it off, these things all have different volumes and shapes. Because of this, standard breather valves can’t always provide the air flow needed. That’s why AGM offers custom engineered breather valves.

Fully Custom Breather Valves

Meeting the demands of rapid ascent or descent rates, safe guarding against rapid decompression, or just providing pressure and vacuum relief in tight or oddly shaped spaces can halt a project.

AGM Engineering can design and manufacture an entirely new, entirely custom breather valve to meet your specifications and keep your project moving forward.

Custom breather valves may be crafted using a wide range of materials, seals, and filtering, as well as a variety of configurations, sizes, and shapes.

Modified Breather Valves

Have a breather valve in mind but it’s not quite right? AGM Engineering can modify an existing valve to meet your needs.

Modifications can include materials, seals, filtering, size, shape, and configurations.

Let AGM Engineering Help You With Your Project


Our engineers will need the following information from you to get started on the right path for discovering the best possible solution:

  • Enclosure size
  • Air volume
  • Expected pressure
  • fluctuations
  • Deployment environment
  • Required rating
  • specifications

Those interested in our custom engineering services can contact a company representative at (520) 391-6569 or by email at

Our engineers and product specialists are happy to help you find the right solution to your problem.

How soon can your team get started on a custom solution after my request is accepted?

Yes, we provide custom engineering services for all of our products.

As a High-Mix/Low-Volume manufacturer, we pride ourselves on the ability to produce products that are applicable to a wide range of users, including supporting their non-standard needs. This means that we routinely custom engineer many of our products – everything from tie-down assemblies to humidity indicator plugs – in an effort to provide solutions to all of its customers.

Let's Get Your Project Moving Forward!