AGM is certified to ISO 9001/AS9100

Quality Management

AGM’s quality management system is the core principle of manufacturing on which AGM was built upon and consistently maintained.


AGM's Quality Policy

We achieve our purpose and value proposition by:

  • Designing, Manufacturing and Distributing Quality Products
  • Increasing AGM’s Overall Sales, Shipments and Profits
  • Improving AGM’s Overall Efficiency, Processes, Equipment and Facilities
  • Increasing AGM’s Marketing Visibility and thereby expanding AGM’s Overall New Customers
  • Hiring, Training and Retaining Professional Employees, as well as Developing and/or Motivating them to Learn How to Think and Act like Employee Business Owners

AGM Container Controls, Inc. maintains a quality management system certified to ISO 9001/AS9100.



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Portrait of Howard N Stewart

Why did AGM decide to pursue an ISO/AS9100 certification?

“We did it because we thought it would help prove to our customers that we take quality seriously and that we’re committed to satisfying their needs.

The ISO 9001 approach to quality management provides us with the opportunity to constantly improve our processes, to document what we’re doing and to ensure that things are never forgotten in the rush to get products out the door. This certification should give our customers the sense that our processes are consistent and that we continually verify all aspects of our quality system through the auditing process.”

—Howard Stewart
AGM Container Controls President & CEO

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