Tie Down Shelving – FAQs

Is your shelving Shock Test Qualified to MIL-S-901D?

Yes. KevLok shelving has passed multiple MIL-S-901D shock tests. It is qualified to Shock Grade A, Test Category Medium Weight, Equipment Class I.

What lengths of shelving are available?

The shelving can be made in any length from 12″ to 144″ in increments of 1/100″. The depth of the shelf varies in 6″ increments. Standard shelves are up to 36″ deep. However, we have made a shelf for a tabletop application that was 66″ deep. To give an example, the KA24 is one of the most common base part numbers sold. It is 24″ deep and comes with all mounting hardware, metal endcaps, and strap assemblies. A KA24-6650 is a K24 shelf that is 66.50″ long.

Do you sell straps that are intended to be used with the shelves?

Yes. the CT11009 strap is the strap that is normally provided with the shelves. They feature 1/4 turn fasteners on the ends which allow the strap to be quickly and easily connected to the shelf to restrain items to the shelf.

What is the load rating of the shelf?

KevLok shelving has been shock qualified to handle loads up to 40 lbs/ft2.

How much does the shelf itself weigh?

The shelf weighs between 4.0 and 4.5 lbs/ft2. It varies slightly based on the number of straps and supports that are required.

Is there a finish on the shelves?

No. The shelves are normally bare aluminum. However, we can conversion coat them or anodize them on special request.

Do you supply shelving with a writing surface that is used as part of a workstation?

Yes. The KW series of shelves does have an integrated writing surface along with a keyboard tray underneath the shelf. The KW series can be 18″ deep to 36″ deep, but the most common is the KW30 series. For all KW series the total shelf depth is 6″ more than the basic shelf depth because the writing surface extends past (overhangs) the shelf by 6″. The writing surface is a total of 18″ deep so it also extends back over the shelf by 12″. The KW series is available with a single keyboard tray in lengths of 30″ to 36″ and with two keyboard trays in lengths of 60″ and 72″. For longer lengths, multiples of the above are used.

If I need special features on my shelf, like pre-drilled holes, can you do that?

Yes. We will do special features. You will need to submit a sketch (of what you would like) to our Engineering Department for approval prior to AGM accepting an order.

Can I use the shelves in a HumVee or a portable shelter?

Yes. These shelves are ideal for any situation or location where structure movement puts equipment, and consequently people, at risk because it keeps the equipment in the position that is intended to be in. The straps restrain equipment and keep equipment and people safe.

Is this the only mounting system you have for the shelves?

No. We have recently developed the Quick-Adjust Tie Down Shelving Bracket which adapts the KevLok Shelving system to an ISO slot and hole track. This combination makes the shelves very simple to configure or re-configure once the trace is installed. No tools are required to adjust the shelving height on Quick-Adjust shelving.

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