Desiccators Theory & Characteristics

Desiccators, also known as dehydrators or dehumidifiers, protect container and enclosure contents from moisture damage. AGM manufactures standard and custom-designed Desiccators for use in a wide variety of applications.

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Glossary of Terms – Desiccators

A glossary for AGM’s Desiccators is provided to highlight a variety of key terms and concepts that explain how desiccators operate, as well as how to measure their effectiveness.


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Desiccant Breather Theory and Characteristics

Desiccant Breathers, or contamination control breathers, protect chemical products from moisture contamination. AGM’s desiccant breathers are reusable and protect items in storage drums, storage tanks, hydraulic reservoirs and other areas. AGM offers three types of desiccant breathers: Drum, Tank & Transformer breathers.

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