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TA657 Desiccator


Designed for use in small to mid-sized enclosures or containers, the TA657 desiccator can be filled with molecular sieve or silica gel desiccant. The unit length may be specified in 1/4” increments from 1” to 6” or larger; each 1 inch of tube length holds approximately 5 grams of desiccant. Constructed with porous polyethylene plastic tube, this desiccator has sufficient surface area to provide a high moisture adsorption rate.

Developed for our customers who require a disposable cartridge that is more rigid than the standard pre-packaged desiccant bags, the TA657 desiccator can be held in place with a standard conduit holder or similar clamp.

If replacement is required without opening the enclosure, AGM can provide a custom desiccant chamber with a cover to be mounted on the side wall. Each desiccator is built with a woven nylon loop for handling.

This item is not refillable.

To specify the part number for your application:

TA657 Part Number Ordering

TA657 Drawing

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