Stick Desiccator TA401 Series
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Stick Desiccator TA401 Series


AGM's TA401 Stick Desiccator, can be screwed into equipment or instruments, protect against humidity and condensation while requiring only a standard M5 threaded mounting hole.

Stick Desiccators are ideally suited when space or access is restricted for the use of standard desiccator assemblies or desiccant bags. These desiccators are available in a variety of sizes and can be filled with silica gel or molecular sieve desiccant. They are supplied with a sealing washer and require only a screwdriver for fixing in place. A silica gel Stick Desiccator can be reactivated by heating when saturated.

Molecular sieve desiccant is particularly well suited for the protection of optical systems and high voltage instruments.

Camera lenses, optical sighting devices and small enclosures often require protection against the effects of humidity and condensation. The size and design of these enclosures prevent the use of conventional desiccators which may protrude into the optical path.

Stick Desiccators can be retrospectively fitted to instruments and equipment that are adversely affected by humidity and condensation.

Materials Aluminum Alloy
Stainless Steel screw
Finish Black anodized

Standard stick desiccator lengths are 1", 2" and 4". These numbers correspond to DIM "A". Other custom lengths of DIM "A" are available upon request.

TA401 stick desiccator drawing

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Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel Screw


Black anodized passivated