680300-123P Desiccator Plug
SKU: 680300-123P

680300-123P Desiccator Plug


Similar to the 680000 desiccator plug, AGM's 680300-123P desiccator plug is slightly larger and longer than the 680000 and contains 7 grams of silica gel desiccant, making it a good choice for containers up to 500 cubic inches volume. The standard humidity indicator card supplied is divided into three pie-shaped segments that indicate 10%, 20% and 30% relative humidity.

The 680300-123P desiccator plug has 1" - 14 UNS threads and an o-ring seal for use in a counterbored threaded boss. Recommended counterbore dimensions are 1.155 - 1.165 in diameter by .100 - .110 deep.

The black anodize finish provides excellent protection against most environments. The internal pressure rating is 10 psig maximum.

Recommended installation torque is 30-40 in-lbs.

Weight: 41 ± 1 gram

Note: Other cards, molecular sieve desiccant, and safety wire holes in the hex points are available upon request.

desiccator plug 680300-123P

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41 ± 1 gram