Desiccator Plug 680000
SKU: 680000

Desiccator Plug 680000


AGM's 680000 desiccator plug contains 3 grams of silica gel desiccant, making it an ideal choice for small containers up to 250 cubic inches volume. It also contains an indicator card rated at 20% relative humidity with the wording “Discard When Pink” to let you know when it is time to replace the unit to maintain continued protection of the container contents.

The 680000 desiccator plug is intended for use in an 18 mm – 1.5 threaded boss and is sealed using the provided o-ring seal. AGM recommends providing a .830"-.840" diameter x .070"-.075" deep counterbore for o-ring retention.

Environmentally, this item will withstand up to 10 PSI and temperatures of -65°C to +85°C without leaking. The black anodize finish is rated for 50 hours of salt spray per QQ-MI-51A without corrosion of base material.

Recommended mounting torque - 20 - 30 In.-Lbs.

Weight: 15 ± 1 gram

680000 Desiccator Plug Drawing

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15 ± 1 gram