Desiccant Basket TA486
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Desiccant Basket TA486


TA486 Desiccant Basket part number selection chart

AGM's TA486 Desiccant Basket is designed to hold MIL-D-3464 bagged desiccant* for use in shipping and storage containers. They are available in a variety of sizes, holding up to 48 units of desiccant. Bags can be replaced easily, without opening the entire container, by turning the cover of the TA486 by 1/4 turn. Installed through a 4.015 in. (102 mm) diameter hole in the container wall.

Each basket comes complete with spanner nut, washer and retained gasket. Holes through the cover and flange are provided for safety wiring and inspector's seal.

Cover can be supplied with a 1.05 in. (26 mm) diameter hole for mounting a Two-Way Breather Valve (TA238, TA240-R, TA330, TA333-R or TA340-R), a 1.265 in. (32 mm) diameter hole for mounting a TA440-R Two-Way Breather Valve, or with a 2.015 in. (52 mm) diameter hole for mounting a TA770-R Two-Way Breather Valve.(Order valves separately.)

Materials and Finish: Aluminum alloys, conversion coated per MIL-DTL-5541. Stainless steel cover, passivated. MS28775 o-ring and gasket.

Torque value for spanner nut: 150 in. - lbs. (17 N•m)

The TA486 (solid cover or humidity indicator plug in the cover) is appropriate for use on NEMA 1, 2, 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 5, 6, 12, 12K, and 13 enclosures, as well as I66/IP67 enclosures. This item may also be appropriate for use on other NEMA or IP enclosures, depending upon the application. Contact AGM's Engineering department for information on NEMA and IP ratings on the TA486 with the valve in the cover.

A version of this desiccant basket that meets SAE AS5135 is available. Contact AGM's Sales department for more information.

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Contact AGM's Engineering department for assistance with your specific requirement.

* Note: Desiccant must be purchased separately. For desiccant options, select the desiccant material you are interested in and look for 4 or 8 unit bags.

TA486 Drawing

TA486 Desiccant Basket drawing

Additional Information

Torque Value for Spanner Nut

150 in. – lbs. (17 N•m)


12", 14", 17", 4", 7"

Mounting Hole Diameter

4.015" (102 mm)

Cover Hole Diameter

1.050" (26 mm), 1.265" (32 mm), 2.015" (52 mm), None

Cover Diameter

4.50" (114 mm)