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Adsorbent or Absorbent

ADsorbent or ABsorbent?

The Difference is on the Desiccant (Surface) When discussing the function of desiccant (a material used to remove moisture from the air during storage or

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Selecting the Right Desiccant

Selecting the Right Desiccant

First off, what is desiccant? Desiccants are compounds or agents, such as Montmorillonite Clay or Silica Gel, used in facilitating low humidity environments by absorbing

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How to Thread Ratchet Buckle

How To Thread a Ratchet Strap

  Step 1 To thread ratchet strap, place webbing THROUGH slot in center rotating spool of closedratchet.     Step 2 Pull webbing through, leaving

AGM received the 2015 Gold Level Boeing Performance Excellence Award, which is issued annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved a superior performance rating for each month during a 12-month period.

Boeing Performance Excellence Award

AGM Container Controls receives the 2015 Gold Level Boeing Performance Excellence Award. AGM is proud to announce receipt of a 2015 Boeing Performance Excellence Award.

Tie Down Straps for Pallets

Pallet Straps

AGM’s reusable pallet straps (also called pallet tie downs) meet every requirement: easy installation rapid adjustability simple lock-in tensioning quick release unaffected operation due to