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Category: Case Study

June 2, 2023
How Desiccants Are Helping UA Researchers Study Intergalactic Medium as Part of NASA's Pioneers Program

The Aspera Project: Mapping Intergalactic Medium Part of NASA’s Pioneers Program, Aspera is a mission to provide greater understanding of galaxy evolution through observations of the warm-hot gas (intergalactic medium) found between galaxies. The mission will see the development and launch of a SmallSat ultraviolet space telescope. The University of Arizona is the leading institution […]

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March 23, 2023
Breathing Desiccators Stop Pressure, Moisture, and Particulates from Damaging Aerial Optics Systems

Summary Aerial optics systems are under constant development in the aerospace industry and they come with their own set of challenges. For example, the challenge in mitigating the pressure differential on a device housing as it increases and decreases in altitude is often compounded by lens and electronic sensitivities to contaminates, such as moisture and […]

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