Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI) can be used in packaging, coating and sealing to prevent rust and corrosion.

About VCI Products

Volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI), also known as vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCI), protect from rust and corrosion to ensure the integrity of any metal surface. VCIs are environmentally safe and do not contain nitrates or other harmful chemicals, providing exceptional product protection without the labor-intensive clean-up required with conventional oil coatings or other inhibiting products – even for previously corroded, painted or coated surfaces.

VCI represents a breakthrough solution in rust and corrosion prevention. AGMs VCI products protect metals with a chemically absorbed molecular layer that provides multi-metal corrosion protection. The coverage is complete – all surfaces, including crevices, cavities and other inaccessible void areas receive total protection. The VCI barrier is self-replenishing, even for packaging that is repeatedly opened and typically protects for up to 24 months.

VCI has many benefits:

Cost Effective

  • Saves costly time and labor
  • No surface preparation required for application
  • No cleaning / degreasing required for product use
  • Reduces raw material requirements
  • Need for oil is eliminated
  • Desiccants are eliminated
  • Eliminates disposal costs
  • Products are fully recyclable
  • No hazardous waste disposal costs

Industry Proven Track Record

  • 20 years of application and testing ensure reliable results

Multi-Metal Protection

  • Same product provides protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Simple Application

  • Recessed and non-contact areas are protected

Safe for Personnel and Environment

  • Non-toxic and recyclable, VCIs alleviate health and environmental concerns
Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors F.A.Q.

VpCI stands for “Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors” a breakthrough technology where the corrosion inhibitor substance is transported to metal surfaces through a vapor phase instead of requiring actual contact with metal surfaces (as is typical with traditional VCIs).

VpCI products provide multimetal protection with corrosion inhibiting vapors that condense onto the surface of the metal and form a thin, uniform, molecular layer. The coverage is complete – all surfaces, including crevices, cavities and other inaccessible void areas receive total protection.

Our products are non-toxic and several substrates are completely recyclable; there are no hazardous waste disposal costs.

VpCI products are offered in a variety of formulations, including plastic films, papers, sprays, coatings, high density emitters, bubble and shrink wrap, liquid dips, liquid concentrate (water- and oil-based), grease, migratory power, and gel.

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