VpCI-144 Multimetal Kraft Paper #45 (Water Resistant Grade)
SKU: VpCI-144 Multimetal Kraft Paper #45 (Water Resistant Grade)

VpCI-144 Multimetal Kraft Paper #45 (Water Resistant Grade)


Cortec VpCI-144 is the premium moisture barrier corrosion inhibiting paper in the industry. Our patented Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting technology has revolutionized the way metals are protected in an enclosed package. This paper provides superior corrosion protection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which eliminates the need to inventory a variety of papers for all the different types of metal you need to protect. This product also shows excellent oil and grease resistance.

Our VpCI-144 paper is coated with a water-based barrier coating. Historically, polyethylene and wax coatings have been used to seal porous paper to provide a moisture barrier and/or moisture-vapor barrier. When coated this way the resulting paper product is an environmental problem and cannot be recycled through normal channels. Cortec VpCI-144 paper provides an environmentally friendly alternative to polyethylene and wax paper, with water vapor barrier properties that are comparable to polyethylene coated paper.

Cortec VpCI-144 is environmentally safe, non-toxic, and fully recyclable/repulpable*. That means VpCI-144 can be recycled into other types of paper products such as boxes, cardboard, and other corrugated materials. It also means that Cortec VpCI-144 can be “repulped”: made into or mixed with pulp to make new paper products.

Cortec VpCI-144 paper is made from the highest quality recycled neutral natural kraft paper: our paper is made without the use of any chlorine or other bleaching chemicals. This eliminates package contamination found with other competing VCI/VPI papers. Parts protected with Cortec VpCI-144 can be painted, welded, and soldered. The thin protective film doesn’t influence physical properties of most sensitive electrical and electronic components, including conductivity and resistivity. The paper basestock for the VCI/VPI coatings is produced with closely packed cellulose fibers which form a relatively non-permeable sheet. This attribute produces a uniform coating, as well as prevents the coating from striking through the paper.

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Dimensions 600 in


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36" (91.4 cm), 48" (121.9 cm)

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