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Corrosorber Capsules

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Corrosorber capsules absorbs hydrogen sulfide and other corrosive gasses. Corrosorber will not interfere with VpCI protection, but instead will help absorb the gases that cause corrosion.

Metals are readily attacked by gases such as hydrogen sulfide, volatile mercaptans, etc. Severe damage or failures occur due to the presence of these corrosive species. Corrosorber capsules absorb hydrogen sulfide and volatile mercaptans, removing them from the atmosphere and eliminating the cause of some damage to metals.

The chemicals contained in Corrosorber have been especially treated to change color from off-white to black as corrosive gases are trapped.

In addition, unlike other products on the market, Corrosorber will not release the corrosive gases back into the atmosphere. The reaction is irreversible, eliminating any concern about post contamination.

Corrosorber is non-toxic and has no effect on the environment. It can be handled without safety equipment.

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