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VpCI-126 Blue Gussetted Bags - 2 mil

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Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) 126 2 mil Blue Gussetted Bags combine the latest film technology with the most effective corrosion protection for all of your metal products. Sealing your product in Cortec VpCI films protects metal parts from all types of corrosion including rust, tarnish, stains, white rust, and oxidation for up to 5 years.* It’s as easy as putting your product in a Cortec VpCI package!

Cortec VpCI Blue Gussetted Bags replace conventional rust preventatives such as oils and desiccants. You save even more because Cortec VpCI packaging eliminates all the degreasing or coating removal required in the past. Your product can now be used immediately. VpCI-126 Blue Gussetted Bags - 2 mil are transparent, making it easy to identify parts. Additionally, it does not contain free amines, phosphates, or halogen-based materials, and is nontoxic and recyclable.

VpCI-126 MIL version also qualified to MIL-PRF- 22019D (Type 1), according to the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, QPL 13600 Ser 43500B120- 3/531. In addition, VpCI-126 MIL is referenced in TO 1-1-686, TM 55-1500-331-34, NAVAIR 15-01-4, and NACE Standard RP0487-2000 Item #21037.

VpCI-126 Series films and bags protect metal objects as small as a needle to as large as the contents of an oceangoing container.

VpCI-126 can be manufactured utilizing a wide array of the most advanced resins. Custom blends are available to give you the exact properties you need, whether it’s improved puncture resistance, tear strength, or other requirements.

Additional information

Product Size

14" x 10" x 25"


27 rolls per pallet



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