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How To Use Desiccants – A Layman’s Guide

In order to control moisture levels within enclosures, desiccant is the best solution. AGM has created a layman’s guide on how to select and use desiccants. This guide is perfect for consumers and businesses to reference when deciding which desiccant to use for their applications.

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Desiccant Breather Theory and Characteristics

Desiccant Breathers, or contamination control breathers, protect chemical products from moisture contamination. AGM’s desiccant breathers are reusable and protect items in storage drums, storage tanks, hydraulic reservoirs and other areas. AGM offers three types of desiccant breathers: Drum, Tank & Transformer breathers.

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8 Uses for Silica Gel Around Your Home

Often unconsidered, silica gel desiccant is a more effective drying agent than are many of the more frequently recommended solutions – such as uncooked rice – for saving wet cellphones, storing books and spices, and many other household uses.

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