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In-Line Desiccators

In-Line Desiccators maintain low dew point temperatures in compressed air or process gas pipelines and reduce water vapor content to a safe level in systems with working pressures up to 60 psi.

What are in-line desiccators?

In-line desiccators are desiccant-filled canisters that are intended for installation in what is often a pressurized gas line of one type or another. In-line desiccators scrub moisture vapor from the air as it passes through the canister on its way to wherever else.

Types Of In-Line Desiccators We Carry



Low dew point temperatures are maintained in compressed air or process gas pipelines up to 1/4″ outside diameter by fitting in-line desiccators to reduce water vapor content to a safe level in systems with working pressures up to 60 psi.

While primarily used to remove water vapor as the prime source of contamination, the selective adsorption of other components of the gas can be achieved by careful selection of the grade and pore size of the molecular sieve desiccant.


Various grades of filters may be fitted in the dry gas outlet side of the dryer to ensure that the gas is cleaned to a specified level before it re-enters the gas line. Particulate cleanliness to below 1µm can be maintained by using special filters.

Actual water vapor content must be measured wherever dew point temperature or maximum water vapor concentration is specified and necessitates the use of a line dryer. Fitting a color-change Humidity Indicator signals when the maximum safe water vapor concentration of 2,560 ppmV at STP (about 14°F [-10°C] dew point). An in-line dew point temperature alarm should be fitted if the safe level required is lower than 2,500 ppmV.


Benefits Of In-Line Desiccators For Moisture Control

The primary benefit of using in-line desiccators is simply that they remove moisture from a gas.

Industry Applications

Desiccators are used in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Waste-to-energy
  • Aerospace
  • Defense

Contact us to find out if our in-line desiccators are the right solution for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are in-line desiccators used with compressed air?

Yes, our in-line desiccators are used with compressed air as well as for most other compressed process gasses.

2. What line pressures can pipeline dryers (or in-line desiccators) be used with?

Some of our in-line desiccators units are available with pressure ratings as high as 60 psig.

3. Can I get different kinds of desiccant in your in-line desiccators?

Yes. These units are available filled with molecular sieve, silica gel, or alumina. However, Type 4A molecular sieve is by far the most commonly requested desiccant for these units. AGM carries a full line of desiccant products and can supply replacement desiccant for pipeline dryers.

4. Is there a filter on the outlet? If so, what size?

Yes. The outlets on most units are filtered nominally to 25 microns, but finer filters are also available upon request.

5. Can I get different end fittings?

Yes. However, some fittings might require the use of special adapters.

6. Can pipeline dryers be refilled?

Yes. By simply unscrewing the inlet end fitting, the old spent desiccant may be poured out and fresh, new desiccant poured in. We carry a full line of desiccant products and can supply replacement desiccant for pipeline dryers.

7. Can I get a drop-in cartridge for these units?

Drop-in cartridges are not available for these units at this time but may become available in the future.

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