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BL/D10787 Series In-Line Desiccators for Low Pressure Air Systems

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The BL/D10787 In-Line Desiccators reduce water vapor content to safe levels. When filled with molecular sieve or silica gel desiccants, In-Line Desiccators can provide downstream dew points ranging from -10°C to -60°C, thereby protecting sensitive equipment and material from fogging, corrosion, and other undesirable effects of water vapor. The BL/D10787 In-Line Desiccators were originally designed to protect fuel tanks from moisture intrusion. They are simple to use and are available for various applications at pressures up to 5 psi.

BL/D10787 Series

Part Number
Weight of Desiccant
Overall Length (Dimension A)
1.32 lbs. (0.60 kg)
6.22 in. (158 mm)
2.65 lbs. (1.20 kg)
10.2 in. (260 mm)
4.19 lbs. (1.90 kg)
13.43 in. (343 mm)

In-Line Desiccant Breather

For recommendations on the appropriate sized In-Line Desiccator for your application Contact AGM's Engineering Department.


Are these BL/D10787 in-line desiccators for use with compressed air?
No, these desiccators are for low pressure applications (up to 5 psi). For high pressure applications see In-Line Desiccators for Compressed Air Systems.

Can I get different kinds of desiccant in these?
Yes. These units are available filled with molecular sieve, silica gel, or activated alumina. AGM carries a full line of desiccant products and can supply replacement desiccant for desiccators.

Is there a filter on the inlet/outlet? If so, what size?
Yes, there is a 0.036” perforated plate filter at the inlet and outlet of the desiccator. The purpose of the perforated plate is to prevent the desiccant from escaping the desiccator. Finer filters are available upon request.

Can I get different end fittings?
These desiccators are available only with 3/4” NPSM threads for use with NPSM or NPT fittings. However, a wide variety of adapters for 3/4” NPSM threads are available commercially that will allow the desiccator to be connected to other types of fittings.

What materials are the in-line desiccators constructed of?
These desiccators are constructed of UV resistant polycarbonate.

How do I know which size in-line desiccator to use for my application?
This can be a complicated problem involving flow characteristics and environmental conditions. For recommendations on the appropriate sized in-line desiccator for your application Contact AGM's Engineering Department.

Can in-line desiccators be refilled?
Yes. AGM can supply replacement desiccant for these desiccators.

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1.32 lbs (0.60 kg), 2.65 lbs (1.20 kg), 4.19 lbs (1.90 kg)

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