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BL/D4123 Series In-Line Desiccators

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The BL/D4123 In-Line Desiccator can accommodate flow rates up to 4 liters per minute and is rated for a maximum pressure of 60 psi (4 bar).  This desiccator houses 4A molecular sieve and has a humidity indicator to indicate when the desiccant has become saturated.  Additionally the BL/D4123 In-Line Desiccator has a 25 micron (nominal) outlet filter.

The inlet air must be clean and free from liquid water.

The BL/D4123 Series of In-Line Desiccators are refillable and AGM distributes molecular sieve desiccant, which can be used as a replacement for these types of desiccators or pipeline dryers.

BL/D4123 Series

Part Number
Desiccant Capacity (grams)
Tube Length (Dim A), IN (MM)
Tube OD, IN (MM)

Approx. Life * at 4L/min, 40%RH and 25°C

Molecular Sieve
3.47 (85.0)
1.88 (47.6)
4.5 hours
Molecular Sieve
4.53 (115.0)
1.88 (47.6)
7.5 hours
Molecular Sieve
8.46 (215.0)
1.88 (47.6)
15 hours

* Please contact AGM's Engineering Department to determine approximate life based on specific inlet conditions and flow rates.


BL/D4123 In-Line Desiccator drawing

Additional information

Desiccant Capacity

60 grams, 100 grams, 200 grams

Desiccant Type

Molecular Sieve



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