TA658 Series Breathing Desiccators

TA658 Series Breathing Desiccators

Breathing desiccators were developed to provide AGM’s customers with a simple compact solution to two common packaging requirements, minimizing moisture content and protecting from pressure differentials. This is accomplished by mating a desiccant cartridge with a two-way breather valve or combination breather valve/humidity indicator. By specifying a breathing desiccator in their design, customers can pair a custom desiccant cartridge with any one of the following AGM breather valves: TA330, TA333, and TA240. Similarly styled cartridges are also available for the TA340/TA341 Humi-valve series. The two styles of cartridge are NOT interchangeable.

These replaceable desiccant cartridges are available in lengths of up to six inches (and longer if approved by AGM’s Engineering Department) and hold approximately 6 grams (0.21 ounces) of Type 4A, 8X12 mesh molecular sieve per inch of cartridge. Constructed with a porous plastic tube, the large surface area provides increased moisture adsorption rates and helps keep the pressure drop through the cartridge to a minimum (typical flow rates are 1/4-1/3 the valve flow rate without the cartridge in place).

Installation and removal of the breathing desiccator is made simple by utilizing AGM’s 658800 mounting flange. By providing a secure threaded insert in your container wall, the mounting flange allows for ease of cartridge replacement without requiring the container to be opened. The cartridges are made of inert materials and are easily disposed.

Additionally, RFI/EMI protection may be added to your breathing desiccator assembly by incorporating a shielded nut design. The RFI/EMI shielded nut assembly installs on the back of our mounting flange and replaces the standard nut and washer. Note that these assemblies are sized to accommodate the length of the desiccant cartridge.

Contact AGM’s Engineering Department to discuss your custom breathing desiccator project.

TA33X style Breathing Desiccator Drawing

TA340 style Breathing Desiccator Drawing

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