Breather Valve TA225

Breather Valve TA225

The TA225 is AGM’s smallest aluminum Breather Valve. It is suitable for use on transit cases and other applications up to 2.5 cubic feet in volume. It has separate and distinct settings for both pressure and vacuum relief. Standard reseal settings range from 0.5 psid to 3.0 psid.

The TA225 requires no field maintenance. Corrosion-resistant materials are used throughout. The spherical valve seat is Teflon coated to allow for easy “break-away” action of the internal silicone rubber seal. The TA225 Breather Valve is offered with or without a manual release button and provides superior protection from sand and dust intrusion.

The TA225 can be mounted to a thru hole or threaded boss. Each valve comes complete with an environmental O-ring. An optional mounting flange and/or desiccant cartridge (up to 3″ in length with choice of desiccant media) are available upon request. RFI/EMI shielded versions are also available.

MaterialsHousing, Hex Nut & Washer – Aluminum Alloy, Gasket – Silicone per A-A-59588, Class II  Grade 40
FinishClear anodize
Mounting RequirementsGasket, washer & hex nut, provided with each valve
Mounting Hole Diameter0.53 ± 0.02 in. (14 ± 0.38 mm)
Maximum Wall Thickness0.33 in.(8.4 mm)*
Installation Torque20 in. – lbs. (2-3 N-m)
Weight0.02 lbs. (8 grams)

*For threaded boss installation: 1/2-20 UNF-2B
Contact AGM’s Engineering Department for information on NEMA and IP ratings.

TA225 Drawing

Part Number: The part number consists of “TA225” followed by the pressure setting dash number, the vacuum setting dash number, and the letter “R” if a manual release button is required.

TA225 Breather Valve

Dash No.
Sealed @
Flow Rate @ Pressure
Dash No.
Sealed @
Flow Rate @ Pressure
0.5 psid*
0.32 scfm† @ 2.0 psid*
0.5 psid*
0.56 scfm† @ 2.0 psid*

*To convert to metric equivalent (millibars) multiply by 69
†To convert metric equivalent (liters/sec) multiply by 0.472

TA225-R Drawing

TA225 Two-Way Breather Valve Drawing

Additional information

Weight0.0200 lbs
Dimensions0.0000 × 0.0000 × 0.0000 in

Housing, Hex Nut & Washer-Aluminum Alloy, Gasket-Silicone per A-A-59588, Class II Grade 40


Clear Anodize

Mounting Requirements

Gasket, Washer, Hex Nut are provided with each valve

Mounting Hole Diameter

0.53 ± 0.02 in (14 ± 0.38 mm)

Maximum Wall Thickness

0.33 in (8.4 mm)

Installation Torque

20 in. – lbs (2-3 N-m)

Drawing – TA225

3D Model – TA225

Drawing – TA225-R

3D Model – TA225-R