Tie downs, (or tie down straps), secure products and equipment in place during transport or while in storage.

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Tie Downs for Military, Industrial or Recreational Applications

Applications for KEVLOK® Tie Downs are virtually endless (see 101 Things You Can Secure With Tie Downs).  A few tie down applications are illustrated below.  OEM or end users include industrial, electronics, plant, transport, material handling, containerization and military.  Also available for personal use are tie downs for the boater, carpenter, contractor, do-it-yourselfer, electrician, repairman, sportsman, beekeeper and more!

To design the tie down to meet your specific requirements, please visit our Custom Tie Down Strap Assemblies page.  If you need more information, please contact AGM.

DISCLAIMER: AGM tie-down strap assemblies, hardware and webbing are not built to OSHA or DOT standards, and are not intended to protect or support human life, either directly or indirectly. As such, AGM will not assume liability for any injuries that might result from said misuse.


101 Things You Can Secure With Tie Downs

  1. air cargo
  2. air conditioners
  3. aircrafts
  4. ATCs
  5. ATVs
  6. audio/visual carts
  7. banners
  8. batteries
  9. beehives
  10. bicycles
  11. binders
  12. boats
  13. bookcases
  14. books
  15. boxes
  16. cages
  17. camper shell hatches
  18. camper shells
  19. campers
  20. camping gear
  21. canoes
  22. canopies
  23. cargo hatches
  24. chairs
  25. climbing gear
  1. computers
  2. containers
  3. coolers
  4. crates
  5. delicate equipment
  6. desks
  7. dining fly
  8. dirt bikes
  9. drums
  10. electronic equipment
  11. fans
  12. farm equipment
  13. fences
  14. file cabinets
  15. fire extinguishers
  16. fishing gear
  17. garbage cans
  18. gates
  19. glass
  20. hay bales
  21. hot air balloons
  22. hot water heaters
  23. jet skis
  24. kayaks
  25. ladders
  1. lawn furniture
  2. lawn mowers
  3. life preservers
  4. life rafts
  5. lumber
  6. medical equipment
  7. military equipment
  8. mirrors
  9. mopeds
  10. motorcycles
  11. ore carts
  12. oxygen tanks
  13. pallets
  14. parade floats
  15. promotional floats
  16. rafts
  17. rail cargo
  18. safes
  19. sailboat accessories
  20. sailboats
  21. school band equipment
  22. scientific equipment
  23. sea cargo
  24. sheds
  25. signs
  1. skis
  2. snowboards
  3. snowmobiles
  4. sound equipment
  5. sports equipment
  6. stage backdrops
  7. stage equipment
  8. suitcases
  9. surfboards
  10. tailgates
  11. tarps
  12. tennis nets
  13. tents
  14. tires
  15. tool boxes
  16. tractors
  17. tradeshow backdrops
  18. trailers
  19. trees
  20. truck cargo
  21. trunks
  22. vending machines
  23. volleyball nets
  24. warehouse items
  25. water skis
  26. windows

This is dependent on the type of hardware that is selected. Generally speaking, our sewing machines need a minimum of 2-1/2″ between hardware fittings for the “foot” of the machine to sit flat on the webbing. We measure our straps from the center of the pivot point on the buckle to the center of the fastening point on the end of the strap. As an example, one of our most commonly purchased over-center buckles, the K413, has a length of 1.25″ from the pivot point to the tip of the buckle. Our K480 anchor plate has a length of 1.25″ from the center of the bolt hole to edge of the buckle. Therefore, the shortest fixed end that we can make using a K413 over-center buckle and a K480 anchor plate is 1.25″ + 1.25″ + 2.50″ = 5.00″.  As you can see, if we added a quick disconnect, say a K460, this will add the full length of the K460, or + 1.36″, making the shortest fixed end of a K413 with a K480 and a K460 equal to 6.36″.

This is determined by the material of the strap, and the material being exposed to the strap. Our straps are made from nylon, polyester, or polypropylene webbing. There is no simple answer to this question, please contact our Engineering Department for help with material selection.

This is largely determined by the test method used to evaluate the stretch. In general, nylon webbing will stretch between 20% and 30% and polyester webbing will stretch between 15% and 25%. These are general figures and depend not only on the test method but also on the environment: temperature, humidity, age, and other adverse conditions. Please contact AGM’s Engineering Department to inquire about your specific application.

Most of our hardware is steel and is finished with a zinc plate with bronze chromate coloration. It is Service Condition 3 for good corrosion resistance. We also have select items in stainless steel. The stainless steel items are either bare or have been passivated.

The strap can be as long as you would like it to be. However, when using over-center buckles we do not recommend lengths over 18 feet for 1″ webbing or 30 feet for the 1-3/4″ webbing. This is because the over-center buckles rely upon tension in the strap to stay fastened. Since the webbing has significant stretch properties, longer straps can be temporarily loaded in such a way that the over-center buckle can be released.

This usually depends on the hardware that is selected. Hardware is rated with a breaking strength and a working load which is usually 1/3 of the breaking strength. You should select strap hardware based on working load, not breaking strength. Frequently, if the load applied approaches the breaking strength, the hardware will be damaged due to mechanical deformation, even if it does not break. If sufficiently strong hardware is selected, then the stitching on the webbing becomes the next weakest link.

AGM supplies nylon, bulked nylon, polyester, and polypropylene webbing in a variety of sizes and colors. See our complete range of webbing products.

There is a wide range of colors available in our most common webbing. Colors include black, olive drab, red, blue, gray, orange, yellow, green, and brown. However, it is a good idea to check availability of any given webbing color.

Yes. AGM will make straps to meet your drawings or to meet our own internal drawings.

AGM has a wide array of tie down hardware, including over-center buckles, cam buckles, ratchet buckles, d-rings, threading plates, etc. See our complete range of tie down hardware products.