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How To Thread a Ratchet Strap

March 13, 2017

Ratchet Thread Step 1


Step 1

To thread ratchet strap, place webbing THROUGH slot in center rotating spool of closed


Ratchet Thread Step 2


Step 2

Pull webbing through, leaving some slack.


Ratchet Thread Step 3


Step 3

Start ratcheting (raising and lowering handle).


Ratchet Thread Step 4


Step 4

Webbing will wind itself and be locked in place so that further ratcheting will rapidly increase tension in


Ratchet Strap Release Instructions


Ratchet Release Step 1


Step 1

To release webbing, pull and hold release tab on top assembly to override ratcheting function. . .


Ratchet Release Step 2


Step 2

. . .and open ratchet until both assemblies are in-line and top assembly clicks into detent.


Ratchet Release Step 3


Step 3

Grab webbing from non-fixed side and pull to release webbing.




Video Transcript

First, thread the ratchet fastener by feeding one end of the strap through the take-up spool.

Then, continue pulling the strap to remove unnecessary slack.

Once the slack has been reasonably removed, begin ratcheting the fastener up and down until the strap is suitably tight.

To release tension on the strap, slightly lift the fastener up and press the release lever. Then, pull the strap out of the take-up spool.


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