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Shelter Static Dehumidifiers (SSDs) protect commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment in mobile shelters from rust, mildew and corrosion for up to two years without desiccant change

shelter static dehumidifier F.A.Q.

why would i need a shelter static dehumidifier (SSD)?

Military shelters experience frequent periods of inactivity. During these periods, the shelters are sealed-up and often left in harsh environmental conditions. The SSD provides controlled breathing during diurnal temperature cycles to protect the shelter’s integrity. Additionally, air that passes into the shelter through the SSD during cooling periods will pass over the SSDs desiccant bed. This desiccant removes the moisture from the air before intrusion into the shelter and protects equipment from rust, mildew, and corrosion.

how is the ssd powered?

This is a static desiccator so no power is required to power the unit.

how long will the ssd protect my shelter?

Depending on conditions, the SSD can protect equipment for up to two years without desiccant change.

will i need to open the shelter to service the sdd?

No. The desiccant can be replaced from outside the shelter or enclosure.

what type of desiccant is required?

The SSD uses inexpensive bulk silica gel desiccant in accordance with MIL-D-3716. AGM carries a full line of desiccant products and can supply replacement desiccant for SSDs.

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