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Shelter Static Dehumidifier Vertical Unit


The Shelter Static Dehumidifier Vertical Unit is designed to fit in areas where there is a larger mounting surface available (11-3/4" x 23" required). Also, it does not project into the shelter.

Note: Electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection is available as an option.

Part Number: 620000

Overall Dimensions

Width: 14.50" (368.3 mm)

Height: 25.50" (647.7 mm)

Depth: 7.00" (177.8 mm)

Weight: 19 lbs. (empty)

Holds 35 lbs. of silica gel desiccant

SSD-V Alternate Configuration drawing

Additional information

Mounting Space

11.75" x 23"


25.50" (647.7 mm)


14.50" (368.3 mm)


7.00" (177.8 mm)


19 lbs (empty)

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