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Document Ports For Transit & Storage Containers

Document ports provide long-term records protection in an easy to access, environmentally protected, sealed compartment that mounts directly to the container.

What are document ports?

A document port, sometimes referred to as a record-holder is essentially an access port with an attached hollow cartridge in which records and documents may be safely and securely stored inside a container but separate from the contents.

Document ports are used to protect the paperwork associated with the item(s) inside the container. They are also used for many other small item storage needs associated with containers.


Find A Document Port For Your Container

Find the right document port for your project and request a quote today!


Document Port Sizing & Specifications

Our document ports come in two different diameters and two standard lengths. While the diameters cannot be changed, we can customize the length to your specification.

The housing, nut, and tube are made of aluminum and the cover is made of stainless steel. The aluminum components are conversion coated and the stainless steel components are passivated.

Please contact our Engineering Department for assistance with additional finishes or materials.


Benefits Of Using Document Ports

The primary benefit of our document ports is that they provide an easy way of keeping together important documents associated with container contents. Some other benefits of AGM’s document ports include:

  • An o-ring seal of nitrile rubber for both the cover and the environmental seal (flange gasket).
  • A replacement cover that is fastened to the port by means of a lanyard so it is hard to lose them.
  • Tamper-proof design with holes for safety wires that can also be used to attach a seal to indicate if the holder has been opened.

For more benefits of our document ports, contact our team.


industry applications

Document ports are primarily used in the following industry applications:

  • Munitions transport
  • Large shipments of pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics equipment
  • Satellites

If you’re unsure whether or not your industry can benefit from the use of document ports, contact our team for more information.


frequently asked questions

1. What is the maximum wall thickness that I can use and still mount the records/document holder?

Both of our different document ports will mount in walls up to 0.30” thick.

2. How much pressure will your document ports hold?

Our document ports are rated to 5 psig but will usually hold more than that.

3. are other seal materials available?

Yes. Please contact our Engineering Department for assistance with additional materials.

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