Ultra High Flow Relief Valves

Similar to AGM’s TA796 valve, the TA761 is a high-flow magnet valve that achieves higher flow rates than are available in a comparably sized spring-actuated valve.

High-flow vacuum relief valve designed to offer the maximum air flow possible for a 2.5-inch diameter valve, utilizing magnets rather than compression springs.

The larger variant of the TA761 valve. Capable of providing a significantly higher flow rate almost immediately after opening with the use of neodymium magnets.

Ultra high flow relief valve designed for air intake, capable of reaching flow rates around 450 scfm at 1.5 psi. Can include an optional manual relief button.

The TA890 "Deluge" Ultra High Flow Relief Valve, capable of operating in aggressive environments, including corrosive chemicals, driving rain, and low and high temperatures.