Shipboard Mounting Systems – FAQs

Have these shipboard mounting systems been shock tested and approved?

Both the KX1125 steel track and KX1130 aluminum track versions have been tested and qualified to MIL-S-901D Shock Test, Medium Weight and MIL-STD-167-1A Vibration for Shipboard, Hull-Mounted.

What is the total weight of the system?

The KX1125 steel track version weighs approximately 44 pounds. This includes the track, the 3 strap assemblies, and all supplied hardware. The KX1130 aluminum track version weighs approximately 27 pounds.

What is the webbing material made of?

The webbing is polyester for high strength.

What is the finish on the metal components?

All of the metal hardware and strap components are finished with zinc plating for corrosion resistance. The steel tracks are painted with a commercial gray primer. The aluminum tracks are bare aluminum.

Why are the threads of the bolts different?

The mounting bolts for the strap end plates have 1/2-20 threads while the 2”-long deck bolts have 1/2-13 threads. This eliminates confusion about which bolts are to be used where.

How tight should the ratchet fasteners be tightened?

They should be tightened as tight as you can tighten them with your hands without mechanical aids such as “cheater” bars.

What if I need something similar but slightly different than the standard system, like a longer track?

As a company, AGM prides itself on meeting our customers’ needs, from simple to complex. Therefore, if you need something “just like this but …”, contact us and we will do our best to provide what you need.

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