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Beehive Tie Downs

January 26, 2017

AGM offers a variety of adjustable beehive tie downs to safely secure beehives during transport. These straps won't damage, rust or aggravate the bees.

Now there is a method of securing your beehives during transport that:

  • Won't damage your beehives
  • Doesn't require any tools
  • Is adjustable
  • Won't aggravate your bees
  • Doesn't rust
  • Holds constant tension
  • Is reusable
  • Won't decrease load capability
  • Won't loosen its tension on a sunny day
  • Is unaffected by mud, water, sand, snow, hot or cold weather

Now consider the alternatives, all of which have distinct disadvantages and can't be applied as easily as the KEVLOK® strap.

Metal banding requires expensive and cumbersome tensioners, crimpers, crimp fasteners, rolls of banding, roll holders and banding cutters. There is an ever-present risk of cutting hands and clothing and since metal banding is affected by temperature, it will loosen its tension on warm days.

Plastic banding grows brittle due to use and exposure and it will not hold tension for extended periods. It can stretch, crack if stepped on or split lengthwise. It also requires banding tools for tensioning. Neither plastic nor metal banding are environmentally friendly since there is a tendency for the scraps to get left behind in farmers' fields.

As for Staples and Wood Cleats, the need to repeatedly pound in and pull out nails or staples eventually destroys expensive woodenware (supers, brood boxes and bottom boards). Accordingly, the lifetime of a maintained super is reduced from at least 20 years to 5 or 6, not to mention the aggravation to the bees caused by pounding.

So to save time and money, use KEVLOK straps on your hives.

Three configurations are available to meet your needs:

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