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Pallet Straps

January 25, 2017

AGM's reusable pallet straps (also called pallet tie downs) meet every requirement:

  • easy installation
  • rapid adjustability
  • simple lock-in tensioning
  • quick release
  • unaffected operation due to sand, mud, ice or saltwater

In-plant pallet load secured with KEVLOK Pallet Straps.

In-plant pallet load secured with KEVLOK Pallet Straps.

Pallet straps are faster and easier to use than either disposable banding or shrink wrap. Tie downs are environmentally friendly - no waste to dispose of.

Over-center KEVLOK® buckles apply tension to high strength (1,000 lb.) cordura tie down straps quickly and easily without tools. Also available are 300 lb. polypropylene tie down straps.

Tie down straps feature runner hooks that won't damage pallets. The pallet hooks (1,000 lb. tensile) fit snugly around standard 2" x 4" runners (actual dimensions are 1-1/2" x 3-1/2") without damaging the wood. The hooks (with webbing attached) have an extremely low profile (3/16") against the outside of the runners, so the same number of pallets can be loaded as with any conventional alternative.

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