AGM’s 1″ reusable banding straps utilize the KevLok® over-center tensioning buckle. It is a loop strap with a quick-disconnect. Made with 2,500 lb. tensile bulked nylon webbing and 1,000 lb. tensile hardware, the reusable banding strap is extremely durable and will last for years. The reusable banding straps adjust from 9 to 12 feet, depending on the length ordered, down to 1 foot.

AGM's Reusable Banding Straps utilize the KevLok over-center tensioning tie down buckle with a quick disconnect to safely secure stacks during transport.

How to Use Reusable Banding Strap

  1. Loop the strap vertically around the stack
  2. Attach the quick-disconnect hook to the buckle
  3. Take up the slack through the buckle
  4. Close the buckle to apply up to 125 lbs. of tension by hand

How to Remove Reusable Banding Strap

  1. Release the buckle by pulling up on the lever with the end of the strap
  2. Unhook the quick-disconnect
  3. Remove the strap

The whole procedure takes seconds and no tools are needed!