AGM Container Controls is setting a new standard for safety innovation with the release of their one of a kind Ultra-High-Flow Breather Valves for shipping in the air cargo industry. AGM, the award winning and internationally recognized manufacturer of control system products, has released their innovative new line of one-way ultra-high-flow magnet breather valves for the air cargo industry.

The ultra-high-flow breather valves

As magnetically-actuated one-way breather valves, AGM Ultra-High-Flow Valves provide protection for personnel and property during rapid decompression events involving containers that may otherwise explode. Reusable, the valve will automatically reseal after relieving excess pressure spikes. This comes as a benefit over competing products such as blow-out panels and membranes. The aluminum body construction provides durability while the nickel-plated neodymium magnets fall below the threshold for possible interference with aircraft navigation and controls systems. AGM Ultra-High-Flow Valves are sized to fit 2” and 4” diameter mounting holes.

In order to maximize air flow, a breather valve needs to open as far and as fast as possible. Utilizing a pair of magnets, an AGM Ultra-High-Flow Valve offers rapid full flow capability in a catastrophic event. By contrast, a traditional breather valve makes use of a compression spring in the operation of the valve’s poppet. The compression spring causes increasing resistance the farther the valve opens. AGM’s Ultra-High-Flow Valves yield higher flow rates than spring-actuated valves due to the attraction between two magnets decreasing as the valve opens up.

In tests, though the opening pressure of both types of valves (Ultra-High-Flow vs. traditional) is nearly identical, the Ultra-High-Flow Valve flows five times as much air. For example, a traditional valve that opens at 1.0 psi will flow about 125 Standard Cubic Feet per Minute, or SCFM, by 1.2 psi. An Ultra-High-Flow Valve with the same opening pressure will flow 625 SCFM. The contrast between the two valves is even more striking right at the opening pressure, where the Ultra-High-Flow Valve flows almost 600 SCFM while the traditional valve only trickles. AGM Ultra-High-Flow Valves are both RoHS and REACH compliant, utilizing no materials considered hazardous to the environment.

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