Thumbtack Valves for Small Enclosures

Valves TA796 and TA761

Thumbtack is a trademark of AGM Container Controls.

AGM's Thumbtack Valve keeps optics and electronics drier longer!

The Thumbtack Valve far outperforms a waterproof vent for keeping small enclosures very dry; optics and electronics are kept drier because the valve is normally closed to both water and water vapor, which allows it to be used with desiccant. By contrast, a waterproof vent is always open to water vapor.

AGM's Thumbtack Valve provides the same protection and performance as a traditional spring-actuated breather valve, but at less cost, and in a smaller, lighter package.

AGM's Thumbtack Valve was awarded first place for NIPHLE's 2015 Material Handling Device packaging design.

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Materials ABS plastic and silicone rubber
Mounting Requirements 0.323" diameter hole (drill size P)
Wall Thickness 0.10" (2.54 mm) min; no max.

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