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Category: Humidity Indicator Cards

Humidity indicator cards provide external monitoring of humidity levels inside containers and packages. AGM’s Humidity Indicators meet various SAE Specifications.

Rectangular humidity indicator cards include both Reversible and Non-Reversible Humidity Indicator Cards. AGM’s cards can be used in conjunction with AGM’s Desiccant and Breather Valves to provide a complete environmental control system.

Reversible color-change discs are intended to serve as visual indicators that a given humidity level specified on the disc has been exceeded. These chemically impregnated discs are made from blotting paper, and are manufactured in accordance with MIL-I-8835. Humidity Indicator discs may be ordered pre-installed as a complete Humidity Indicator assembly (please refer to AGM's Humidity Indicator Plugs) or may be installed in any SAE AS26860 type plug.

Humidity Indicator Cards

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