Desiccators with Humidity Indicators TA364 & TA365

AGM Breathing Desiccators provide a solution to 2 common packaging requirements, minimizing moisture content & protecting from pressure differentials.

These Desiccator units were designed primarily for use in small containers. They incorporate two separate Humidity Indicator elements. The outer element monitors the relative humidity (RH) of the container atmosphere; the center element monitors the condition of the desiccant itself. Desiccators are refillable by removing the end caps.

The type of desiccant, as well as the type of indicator element desired, is specified by designating part number suffixes as shown in the chart below.

The TA364 contains about .25 units (6 grams) of desiccant. The TA365 contains .6 units (14 grams) of desiccant. These desiccators mount into a 3/4 - 14 straight pipe thread boss or into a mounting flange, 658800.

Materials Aluminum Alloys; Gasket is AMS-R-6855, Class II, Grade 60; Hex nut optional - available with hex nut as P/N 356056-16
Finish Clear Anodized
Torque Valve for Hex Nut 30 in. - lbs. (3.4 N•m)
Maximum Internal Pressure 10 psi
Weight TA364: 0.07 lbs. (32 grams); TA365: 0.13 lbs. (58 grams)
Mounting Requirements
Thread Size 3/4-14 Straight Pipe Thread
Recommended Installation Torque 20-30 in-lbs
Recommended Counter Bore Size (to help capture o-ring) Ø1.130 ± .010 X .08 ± .010 Deep

Can be mounted in a straight hole if used with mounting nut 356056-16 (sold separately). Not recommended for mounting in flexible walls or bags.

The TA364 and TA365 are appropriate for use on NEMA 1, 2, 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 5, 6, 12, 12K, and 13 enclosures, as well as I66/IP67 enclosures. These items may also be appropriate for use on other NEMA or IP enclosures, depending upon the application. Contact AGM's Engineering department for more information.

TA364 Desiccator drawing

TA364 and 365 Part Number Selection Chart

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