Manual Relief Valves

These Manual Relief Valves are designed for use in small containers or cases, where automatic breather valves are not required. They provide various methods of manually equalizing pressure or vacuum differentials before opening the containers. Each type of valve is easily installed through a single hole in the wall of the case and comes complete with all attaching hardware. Some valves have safety wire protection features to prevent unauthorized opening of the valves. Recommended torque value for installation of all Manual Relief Valves is 30 in. - lbs. (34 N•m).

NOTE: Because it is visually impossible to tell whether the TA321 and TA327 Manual Relief Valves are open or closed, careful consideration should be taken of the potential consequences (continual exposure to outside atmosphere if left open; potential damage to container if left closed) before selecting these valves.

AGM’s TA316 Manual Relief Valve is a push-to-open valve with side venting that permits pressure equalization even when the button is depressed.

Similar in construction to the TA327 Breather Valve, the TA316 equalizes pressure at the push of a button.

Opening Method: Push-to-Open
AGM’s TA321 Breather Valve is a minimum profile valve that has a captive knurled twist knob for hand operation and can be used in thin wall containers.

Low profile, hand operated valve capable of being used in thin wall containers. Fitted with a captive knurled twist knob.

Opening Method: Hand Twist Knob
AGM’s TA327 Manual Relief Valve is a medium-sized turn-to-open relief valve that has a recessed captive screw that must be rotated to open the valve.

Medium sized manual breather valve, opened by turning the recessed captive screw with a coin or screwdriver.

Opening Method: Twist-to-Open

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