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How to Relieve Pressure Differentials on Sealed Cargo Containers During Rapid Decompression Events

July 1, 2019

The dangers of rapid decompression and high pressure differentials

Rapid decompression can create dangerous pressure differentials in a fraction of a second. Such differentials cause sealed cargo containers to rupture or explode if the pressure is not quickly relieved and brought to a tolerable level. As a result, cargo containers, their contents, and the aircraft can be damaged, or the plane’s occupants injured.
A fuselage is compromised and the aircraft is depressurized

What to do about it? agm's ultra high-flow pressure relief valves

Commonly referred to as magnet valves, AGM’s Ultra-High-Flow Relief Valves are magnetically actuated to provide flow rates specifically capable of venting a container to relieve catastrophic pressure buildup during decompression events. Unlike conventional spring-actuated valves, AGM magnet valves fully open once the desired pressure threshold is reached, to achieve full air-flow almost instantly.
Breather Valve TA762
AGM Ultra High Flow Pressure Relief Valve, also know as 'magnet valves'

Due to their superior performance, agm magnet valves:

  • Relieve pressure in about one-fifth the time compared to spring-actuated valves
  • Provide Dramatically higher air-flow rates at any given pressure differential compared to spring-actuated valves
  • Are capable of relieving catastrophic pressure with a single valve per container
  • Enable smaller, lighter, and ultimately less expensive container construction
  • Magnets do not interfere with aircraft navigation and control systems
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