The National Institute of Packaging, Handling, and Logistics Engineers (NIPHLE) has recognized AGM with a Material Handling Device Design competition award for the third-year in a row.

AGM's 2nd Place Award for NIPHLE Design

NIPHLE’s award recognizes AGM’s development of the Electronic Humidity Indicating Device, known as the eHID. Each year, NIPHLE recognizes individuals and organizations that make significant contributions to the packaging and logistics industry. This recent award marks the third-year in a row that AGM has been recognized and the sixth such award that AGM has received from NIPHLE.

AGM’s eHID is designed to streamline the monitoring and data logging of climate conditions inside sealed storage and transportation containers for the U.S. military. As such, the eHID automatically analyzes conditions inside a sealed container every hour and stores the data to memory. The data can then be downloaded to a CSV file for use in spreadsheets, enabling quick and consistent data logging, as well as reducing monitoring times and costs.

The eHID is AGM’s latest solution to the daily humidity and moisture buildup problems that occur in sealed storage containers as a result of diurnal temperature cycling and elevation changes during transportation. Without proper protection and monitoring, munitions, optical electronics, and other moisture-sensitive products and materials inside these containers are at risk of quality deterioration and spoilage during transport and storage.

Although the eHID is initially intended for use by the U.S. military, the device is expected to be available to the commercial logistics market in the near future. Learn more about the eHID.

A leader in the environmental control hardware industry, AGM has been a proud member of the NIPHLE organization for over fifty years. In addition to this recent award, AGM has received the prize for Material Handling Device from NIPHLE on five separate occasions.

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