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National Armament Consortium Contract

April 26, 2016

The National Armament Consortium, or NAC, has awarded AGM Container Controls Inc. with a funding initiative recognizing the company for the conceptual development of a next generation technology which will replace current environmental monitoring systems of the last 60 years. “We’re excited to bring forth new technology that has the potential of being an industry leader,” says Howard Stewart, AGM’s President/CEO.

Bringing with them more than six decades of experience designing and manufacturing environmental control hardware, AGM joined the NAC in 2014. The NAC initiative grants AGM funding to pursue the Electronic Humidity Indicator Device (eHID) project for U.S. Army applications. Through partnership with Finish Line PDS, AGM’s eHID will incorporate cutting edge technologies and replace antiquated humidity indicator plugs and cards (HIC) used in monitoring moisture and temperature levels inside sealed munitions containers.

The eHID will be designed to fit into existing mounting footprints and will provide ease of monitoring both individual and mass quantities of containers during long-term storage. Once installed, AGM’s eHID will allow for reduced inspection times, prevention of false negative readings and offer downloadable data tracking for analysis. These innovations will lower logistical costs and increase reliability of munitions. The eHID will also be equipped with a backup HIC for enhancement without compromise.

Scheduled for initial prototyping by the end of 2016, the eHID technology comes on the heels of a list of unique innovations produced by AGM in recent years and marks a new era of advancement for the corporation and its personnel, “This gives us an opportunity to introduce a next generation product; a way to replace something that’s been around since the 1950’s,” says Jim McCorry, AGM’s Director of Business Development. Though the eHID is being developed for use by the U.S. Army, AGM hopes to develop the product for commercial use in the future.

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