TA596 High Capacity Desiccant Baskets
SKU: TA596

TA596 High Capacity Desiccant Baskets


AGM offers two different types of high capacity desiccant baskets:


The desiccant sock may be sewn to any length and width required. Its flexible design allows it to be fit around the contents of a container, and collapses when not in use. The breathable cotton fabric readily allows bagged desiccant placed into the sock to adsorb moisture from the internal container environment.

TA596-S Drawing

TA596-S High Capacity Desiccant Baskets Drawing


This steel basket is designed to hold 288 Units of desiccant. (Up to 18X 16-Unit Bags)

TA596-B-001 Drawing

TA596-B-001 Drawing

Additional Information

Basket Material

Fabric Sock, Steel Basket

Mounting Hole Diameter

5.528 +/- 0.023 inches

Maximum Wall Thickness

0.20 inches for TA595-S, 0.25 inches for TA595-B-001