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The TA346-HC-357P color-change humidity indicator disc detects relative humidity levels at 30%, 50% and 70% & in a pie sector format. As humidity levels are reached, the color change discs turn to a lavender color to indicate such change. The TA346-HC-357P disc can be inserted into AGM's TA346 and TA396 Humidity Indicator Plugs (each sold separately), and meets SAE AS26860 and MIL-I-8835 requirements.

Additional TA346-HC humidity indicator discs configurations are available upon request. Such color-change discs range from 10% to 70% when indicating relative humidity levels, and are available as either a pie sector or single spot card.

Additional information

Circle Card Diameter


Card Type


Circle Card Special Fee Applies


Circle Card RH

30% 50% 70%

Circle Card Type


Complies With

SAE AS26860, MIL-I-8835

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