RFI/EMI Shielded Nut Assembly 790020
SKU: 790020

RFI/EMI Shielded Nut Assembly 790020


The 790020 RFI/EMI Shielded Nut Assembly is intended to provide RFI/EMI shielding for TA790 or TA890 series valves. The honeycomb plug allows air to pass through and is joined to the housing with silver-filled conductive epoxy to form a Faraday cage. This protects the interior of the container from unwanted radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation. The plug and the housing are both made of MIL-DTL-5541, Type 1, Class 3 conversion coated aluminum.

To complete the Faraday cage, the interior surface of the container must also be conductive.  When the 790020 is installed, this surface contacts a fluorosilicone base conductive gasket, which creates a conductive path between the container wall and the housing.  Other gasket base materials are available upon request.

Four grooves in the wall of the nut provide a convenient gripping point for a hook spanner wrench for tightening.

A filter can be incorporated into this nut in addition to the honeycomb plug; ask for further details.

Custom RFI/EMI Shielded Nut Assemblies are also available for: TA292 Breather Valves, TA294 Breather Valves, TA330 Breather Valves, TA333 Breather Valves, and TA770 Breather Valves.

790020 RFI/EMI Shielded Nut Assembly drawing