Breather Valve TA798

The TA798 high-flow vacuum relief valve is designed to offer the maximum air flow possible for a 4-inch diameter valve. It achieves this flow with its unique, patent-pending design that utilizes powerful rare earth magnets instead of the compression springs found on a conventional breather valve. The magnets allow the valve to open quickly and completely once the initial opening resistance is overcome.

The TA798 can be used in any application where rapid, high volume, air intake is required.

Each valve is shipped preconfigured, requires no field maintenance, and is supplied complete with a nut, washer, and gasket. Additionally, the TA798 may be configured with a manual release button, which is used to equalize vacuum differentials in order to make opening the container easier.

The chart below shows the typical flow performance for the TA798 valve compared to spring actuated valves. The dashed lines show varying cracking (opening) points. The dotted line shows the performance of a spring-actuated valve of the same size, for comparison purposes.

TA798 High-Flow Pressure Relief Valve Typical Flow versus Pressure Graph

Materials Housing, Cover, Washer & Nut - Aluminum Alloy • Cover Screws - Stainless Steel
Materials (Cont.) Float & Magnet Support - Glass Filled Polycarbonate • Magnets - Nickel Plated Neodymium Iron Boron
Materials (Cont.) Return Spring - Phosphor Bronze • Gasket and Internal Seal - Silicone
Finish Anodize
Mounting Hole Diameter 4.550 ± .04 (103 ± 1 mm)
Maximum Wall Thickness 0.50 (13 mm)
Weight TA798-V - 2.778 lbs. (1260 grams) • TA798-VR - 2.910 lbs. (1320 grams)

TA798-VR Only:

Manual Release Button Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Lockout Pin & Lockout Pin Retaining Cable: Stainless Steel

Housing and nut have hook spanner notches. Use a 3-inch hook spanner wrench for the nut and a 3.25-inch hook spanner wrench for the housing.
Available in cracking ranges 0.1 - 1.5 psid.

TA798-V Drawing

TA798 High-Flow Pressure Relief Valve Drawing

TA798-VR Drawing

TA798 High-Flow Pressure Relief Valve Drawing