AGM Container Controls continues their trend of innovation with the release of new Thumbtack and ThumbtackPlus Breather Valves. AGM, the award winning and internationally recognized manufacturer of control system products, is poised to release their new line of low-cost miniature two-way breather valves.

Similar to AGM’s other valve offerings, the new Thumbtack and ThumbtackPlus breather valves provide pressure and vacuum relief for enclosures. Their small size and relatively low price make AGM’s Thumbtack and ThumbtackPlus valves ideal solutions for low-flow requirements, such as transit cases or small enclosures.

AGM's Thumbtack and thumbtackplus breather valves

Each of AGM’s Thumbtack valves is constructed from durable injection-molded ABS plastic. However, the key component of the Thumbtack valves is their one-piece elastomeric sealing element, which removes the need for small precision pieces and enables the valve to be smaller and less expensive than competing valves with similar performance. The ThumbtackPlus valve takes it a step further with the inclusion of an integrated vent membrane, which prevents liquid water intrusion at a submersion depth of up to one meter of water.

While typical membrane vents also prevent liquid water intrusion, they do nothing to prevent the intrusion of water vapor. This makes them unsuitable for use in moisture-sensitive applications where maintaining a low dew point is critical, as the free-flowing water vapor will raise the container’s dew point until it matches the humidity of the external environment.

Unlike typical membrane vents, AGM’s Thumbtack valves only allow water vapor to pass through during the brief periods when they open to allow the container to breathe, which significantly reduces the amount of moisture that enters the container. Thus, when a Thumbtack Valve is used in conjunction with a small amount of desiccant, it maintains a lower dew point for much longer than is possible with a membrane vent.

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