AGM’s Hydra2O™ Moisture Analysis service provides accurate desiccant requirements unlike any other.

The Hydra2O moisture analysis service computes precise desiccant requirements to maintain specific moisture levels inside sealed enclosures over time.

AGM Container Controls Inc. is now offering use of their Hydra2O moisture analysis program. The Hydra2O software is capable of prescribing precise desiccant requirements for maintaining specific moisture levels inside sealed enclosures over any length of time. As an unrivaled product in its field with applications as diverse as weapons design and electro-optics equipment, the Hydra2O is poised to play a vital role in reducing product failure risks, production costs and product testing time.

Most products require moisture protection in order to maintain reliability. However, current industry standard packaging specifications do not account for critical factors as diverse and numerous as those measured by AGM’s Hydra2O. These factors include: seal characteristics, container wall permeability, environmental conditions, time period for which moisture protection is required, and many more. Properly accounting for these variables is necessary for achieving targeted humidity levels but standard packaging specifications don’t do this.

Hydra2O can estimate the effects of unknown parameters as well, pinpointing with a high degree of confidence critical design facets, thereby reducing production costs and product testing times. Through the manipulation of flexible data inputs, AGM’s Hydra2O analytic software allows the exploration of alternate enclosure design concepts by projecting moisture levels for different enclosure materials. By this process, it is possible to compare the long-term and short-term cost variables involved with differentiating enclosure materials all while maintaining a specified humidity target.

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