AGM recognized as a Local Provider of Parts for the Nation’s most Advanced Aircraft Carrier.

AGM is providing tie down shelving for the new USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier.

In an interview with Tucson’s Channel 4 News (KVOA), AGM Container Controls (AGM) Director of Business Development, Jim McCorry, discussed AGM supplying parts to the Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier.

“It’s definitely a source of pride that the products that we provide the government are there to enhance the war fighters’ capability,” said McCorry.

AGM produces the tie-down shelving installed in the USS Gerald R Ford. The shelving is designed to maintain safety onboard the carrier by keeping equipment secured during rough seas and military operations.

Located in central Tucson, AGM has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of environmental control hardware for more than 4 decades. “Since 1970, every U.S. aircraft carrier has some amount of our shelving in it,” McCorry told KVOA.

The USS Gerald R. Ford is the first of 3 announced Ford-class aircraft carriers scheduled for construction. The carriers are estimated to have a combined cost of $42 billion when completed, according to a story in CNN on July 27.

Money from part purchases for the carriers finds its way into the Arizona economy quickly, McCorry told KVOA, “It keeps local people employed, and helps support wages and benefits, such as healthcare.”

AGM currently employs 103 people from the Tucson community. Accordingly, the revenue acquired from supplying the Gerald R. Ford as well as the other Ford-class carriers, will continue to impact the Tucson economy directly. Hailed as the most technologically advanced ship in the U.S. Navy’s fleet, the USS Gerald R. Ford was christened and launched in November 2013 and is currently awaiting commissioning scheduled for 2017. For more information about the USS Gerald R. Ford and the Ford-class aircraft carriers visit the Naval Technology website.

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