In an unprecedented accomplishment, AGM Container Controls, Inc.’s (AGM’s) Quality Management System (QMS) passed its recertification audit without a single Corrective Action Report (CAR) or Observation, successfully transitioning from AS9100C to AS9100 Revision D (AS9100D) as a result.

Frank Bouchard, President of BQM Associates and AGM’s internal auditor commented on AGM’s recent success, stating “This almost never happens; especially with AS9100D as it is severely stringent.”

Bouchard continued, adding “There are a few things that set AGM apart from many organizations. Probably most important is that top management is highly involved and supportive of the company’s QMS.”

Howard Stewart, AGM’s President and CEO attributes his company’s success to the consistent hard work of its employees, the QMS audit team, and the two internal audits AGM staff takes upon itself to perform each year in coordination with Mr. Bouchard to ensure that the company is supplying the highest quality components possible to its clients.

“[AS9100D] helps prove to our customers that we take quality seriously and that we’re committed to satisfying their needs,” says Howard Stewart, AGM’s President. “The AS9100D approach to quality management provides us with the opportunity to constantly improve our processes, to document what we’re doing and to ensure that things are never forgotten in the rush to get products out the door. This certification should give our customers the sense that our processes are consistent and that we continually verify all aspects of our quality system through the auditing process.”


The recertification audit, required to update AGM’s QMS from AS9100C to the new Rev. D demanded that AGM undergo 52-hours of audit time and demonstrate a high level of performance across a range of criteria known as Key Performance Indicators or KPIs, including:


KPI Requirement AGM’s Rating
Maintain an Average Annual On-time Delivery Rate of At Least 95% 98.41%
Purchased-Parts Percentage VS Value of Shipped Parts Must Be Below 38% 34.87%
Company Suppliers Must Maintain a Total On-Time Delivery Rate to AGM That Is Greater Than 86% 90.2%
Company Design Engineers Must Be At Or Below A Total Of 5 RMAs For The Year 1
The Company Must Maintain A Customer Product Return Rate Below 0.75% 0.48%


“What is really important about this for us,” says Gabriela Cervantes, AGM’s QMS Administrator. “Is that this certification acts as proof to our customers that they can rest assured of our [AGM’s] ability to consistently supply to them products without equal.”


Visit AGM’s Quality Management System page and learn more about the company’s overall mission statement, as well as to download a copy of our AS9100D certificate. For any additional questions, please contact an AGM representative.