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Protection From Moisture, Pressure, Humidity and Corrosion.

AGM Products

Pressure Control

Flow more air faster and stop pressure or vacuum differentials before they cause damage with AGM breather valves, filtered vents, and immersion-proof breathers.

Moisture Control

Get greater moisture adsorption in the size or shape you need to stop moisture and humidity from damaging your equipment with AGM desiccants, desiccators, and oxygen absorbers.
humidity indicator cards and plugs

Humidity Monitoring

Know the humidity level of your sealed spaces better, faster, and at scale with AGM humidity indicator cards, plugs, and electronic humidity indicators.

Moisture Purging

Get a better, more thorough moisture purge of your hygroscopic materials compared to traditional dual-point systems. Use AGM single point and through-purge NEPS dry gas purging systems when you flow through and pressurize your sealed spaces and closed containers.

Container Access

Want to see inside or store documentation in a sealed container without having to open it and introduce moisture and other contaminants? Now you can! Prevent unnecessary moisture and contaminant ingress into your sealed container with AGM access ports, observation windows, and records holders.

Shelving & Straps

Military grade shelving and straps for securing & protecting equipment during transport or storage. Custom solutions available.
Lansmont Saver Shock Recorder

Shock Monitoring

Our tamper proof and reusable shock monitors have aided the design of equipment, cases, and even resolved disputes between carriers and suppliers. Record and analyze shock and impact experienced by your equipment during storage or transport with AGM Shockmaster shock indicators and Saver vibration recorders.

Corrosion Prevention

Preserving materials under the harshest conditions, AGM VpCI products have been trusted by the military and industrial suppliers for decades. Stop moisture and oxygen from corroding your electronics and metals with AGM vapor phase corrosion inhibiting paints, primers, coatings, kraft paper, boiler lizards, and gusset bags.

Protect Your Project

Moisture, pressure, and load securement solutions

Our Services

More Than Just Products, AGM Provides Technical Services

Custom Engineering

No two jobs are ever the same, so why should your solution deliver blanket coverage? Get a solution shaped, tuned, and designed to meet your exact needs and rest assured that your project performs the first time and every time.

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Precision Machining

AGM’s in-house precision machine shop can be brought to bear for your purposes. Not only do we build our components here in Tucson, Arizona, but we can build yours too!

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Hydra2O™ Moisture Analysis

The many variables unique to your project that are involved in the calculations required to ensure long term moisture protection make the process demanding. Furthermore, analyzing the data to arrive at an appropriate solution requires experience. AGM’s Hydra20 services leverages proprietary software and our decades of experience to make the process fast and the solution accurate.

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desi pak packed desiccant

Desiccant Calculator

AGM’s Desiccant Unit Estimation Calculator provides quick, easy, and free estimations of how much desiccant you need to protect your project. Just enter your enclosure volume and choose your desiccant!

Desiccant Unit Calculator

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